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New RF Engineering Online Certification Coming Soon

Besser Associates is pleased to announce our newest online course Applied RF Engineering I - Circuits and Transmission Lines. This course, together with a second, system level course to be announced soon, will form the basis of our new Applied RF Engineering Certificate. The two courses together will cover a similar subject area as the RF Technology Certification program, but with a greater focus on numerical analysis and design techniques and less focus on test and measurement. The two programs are compatible in that one could either take the RF Technology Certification first and move on to the Applied RF Engineering Certification or 

RF and High Speed PCB Course On-Demand

RF and High Speed PCB Course On-Demand

Recordings of instructor Rick Fornes two day RF and High Speed PCB and EMI Design Fundamentals classroom course can now be viewed online at your convenience anywhere you have internet access. The class has been professionally video recorded and edited into segments that can be played back on any device that supports a web browser and Vimeo video streaming (web browser is required to enable access to the video).

NEW! Sign Up to Attend a Full Two Day Classroom Course Without Leaving Your Office

NEW! Sign Up to Attend a Full Two Day Classroom Course Without Leaving Your Office

We enlisted a professional videographer to record Rick Fornes' presentation of his recent RF Fundamentals and Wireless System Design course in San Jose, CA. The entire two day presentation will now be offered as an online course this December 1, 2015- January 31, 2016. During that time, students can view the lectures and ask questions at their own pace from any location with internet access. 

Four Online RF Technology Courses Now Available to Start Anytime

Besser Associates now offers an "a-la-carte" option for learning the material from the online RF Technology Certification program. It is now possible to register for each of the four parts of the program individually. These are available to be started any time you choose to sign up. These consist of the same lectures and workbooks from the Certification program but do not include any live webcast tutorials.

Courses Become Available On-Demand

This November will mark the tenth anniversary of Besser Associates "Web Classroom," where we have offered selected topics in a live online (webinar) format. Now, we have made these course recordings available beyond their original event dates, so you can attend the class even if you missed the original scheduled meetings. 

Besser Associates also offers courses such as the RF and Wireless Made Simple and the RF Technology Certification program that have been designed to be taken in a self-paced format.

A third, new option coming this September is a video recording of the instructor's presentation in a classroom course.