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RF Technology Certification - Now on your mobile device!

RF Technology Certification - Now on your mobile device!

Mar 2018

Starting with the upcoming March session of the RF Technology Certification program, the videos will be hosted by Vimeo, which means you can watch them from most mobile devices and tablets in addition to your PC. The videos have been updated to include features such as captions for most content and also speed controls for the playback.

If you are an engineer or technician who is new to RF and needs to get up to speed in the specialized issues and challenges that occur as circuits operate at higher frequencies, then our program is the fastest route to becoming a productive member of your team. The materials are divided into four logical parts. First you will learn the basic analytical tools that are used at RF and high frequencies. Part one will have you working with complex impedances, the Decibel scale, transmission lines, S-parameters and the Smith Chart. Part two introduces the fundamentals of signal formats - how data is actually represented on RF waves, and the performance metrics of those waveforms. Part three explores the block diagrams of the specialized test equipment that is used. Power meters, Vector Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers and Vector Signal Analyzers are explained. In part four, we work our way through each block of a communications system in the same order as a signal does - starting at the transmitter and ending at the receiver. Along the way each of the unique performance characteristics and impairments are introduced and explained as they become relevant.

Time is money - when you need the quickest route to understanding the performance limitations of your components - and your test equipment - get up to speed as quickly as possible with the online RF Technology Certification program from Besser Associates!