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RF and High Speed PCB Course On-Demand

RF and High Speed PCB Course On-Demand

May 2017

Recordings of instructor Rick Fornes two day RF and High Speed PCB and EMI Design Fundamentals classroom course can now be viewed online at your convenience anywhere you have internet access. The class has been professionally video recorded and edited into segments that can be played back on any device that supports a web browser and Vimeo video streaming (web browser is required to enable access to the video). During the 60 day access period, you can view the recordings as often as you like. You will also be able to download a PDF of the instructor's notes, so that you can follow along with the lecture.

This is the second course that is now available in this format, in addition to RF Design Fundamentals and Wireless System Techniques, a course of the same length that is also taught by Rick Fornes. 

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