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Our courses feature the latest advanced technologies and techniques presented by experts from around the world. Our instructors are constantly updating and developing new courses. Many subjects are now available via e-Learning formats, either as live web conferences or recorded lectures.

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New to RF: Circuits, Systems, Measurements, Terminology

Many engineers find themselves working in RF and Wireless for the first time. The core design and troubleshooting skills that you need to master are covered in the subjects listed below, with several program options to cover the depth of knowledge you wish to attain.

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RF/Wireless Design: Circuit Level

These courses are intended for professionals who are designing or troubleshooting RF or wireless products at the circuit or component level.

RF/Wireless System Design & Integration

Professionals who are designing or troubleshooting communication systems and working with functional blocks and how they interact will benefit from these courses.

Test and Measurement

Techniques for operating test equipment and the relevant measurements that can be made at high frequencies are covered by topics in this track. Equally important is knowledge of the inherent limitations of certain tests related to RF and wireless performance.

Signal Integrity/Electromagnetic Shielding and Compatibility

The use of frequency domain techniques as well as state of the art high frequency test equipment can provide a significant competetive advantage in the arena of high speed digital design. Today it is also important to understand the use of time domain techniques and how to decide which approach is best suited to a given problem analysis.

Wireless Digital Communications

Beyond system design using functional blocks, this track describes the design of digital communications systems and the modulation and coding of bits to achieve maximum performance as well as the standards that have been adopted.

Commercial Applications

WiFi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID. We have courses that will bring you up to speed in a matter of days instead of months.

Analog/Mixed Signal Digital Design

Wireless transmission via RF signals is only part of the challenge in building communications products. In today's small products, the RF. analog and digital circuits must all coexist in close proximity to each other. Understanding how to allow circuits in each of these domains to operate effectively while causing minimal impact on the other signals is of key importance.

Military, Satellite and Aerospace Applications

New security threats have placed renewed attention on defense applications of wireless technology. This track presents the latest technology developments specifically tailored to professionals working on aerospace and defense applications.

RF/Wireless Non-technical Courses

Suitable for non-technical and technical audiences alike, these courses provide in depth understanding of wireless technology and terminology without getting bogged down in complex mathematics.

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