RF Technology Certification

RF Technology Certification - online

Your quickest path to understanding how to work competently with RF/Wireless circuits. 

Our most popular online program has been designed for applications, production, manufacturing engineers and technicians as well as other professionals who need to have a solid background in the fundamentals of working with RF and wireless products. This four part self-paced online program provides a thorough understanding of RF analytical tools, communications signals, RF devices and test instruments. Starting with basic analytical tools such as the decibel scale, S-parameters and the Smith Chart, this program covers test instrumentation, RF components, and modulation. A basic block diagram of a transmitter/receiver chain forms the backbone of the course outline. Each component is described, and the relative performance parameters defined. Key impairments are introduced as they become relevant to the operation of the system. Basic system calculations are covered, as well as modulation formats and multiple access techniques.

Applied RF Engineering Certification

RF/Wireless Engineering Certification - online

Need an engineering/design-level understanding of RF/Wireless circuits and systems?

Besser Associates is pleased to announce our online Applied RF Engineering Certification program. This program will provide you with the essential skills to tackle RF and Wireless design and integration projects effectively. The online format of the course work allows you to learn the material wherever you are and whenever you like within the course period. The requirements for certification include completion of two core courses along with an elective course. Each core course includes a 25 question multiple choice test that must be passed with an 80% score.

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All certification courses are self-paced. Access the course any time as often as you like within the session dates listed.

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