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OFDM for 5G NR Subscription Exclusive

OFDM for 5G NR Subscription Exclusive

Mar 2021

Coming soon (May 2021) exclusively to RF Mentor Academy Subscribers! Instructor Doug Morais presents a 90 minute premium tutorial titled 5G Multi Carrier Based Multiple Access Techniques. This tutorial is based in part on material in Chapter 7 of his recent book with Springer titled "Key 5G Physical Layer Technologies: Enabling Mobile and Fixed Wireless Access."  


  • 5G Definitions: ITU 3GPP
  • 5G NR (New Radio)
  • OFDM
  • Frequency and Timing Synchronization
  • Phase Noise
  • 5G NR Numerologies
  • Other 5G NR Considered Waveforms

Other possible topics for future tutorials include multiple antenna techniques (MIMO) and fixed access via mmWave technologies.

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