RF Mentor Academy Subscription

RF Mentor Academy Subscription

A continuously updated collection of courses and tutorials presented by the experts from Besser Associates. Subscriptions are sold to individuals for a one-year (365 day) term and are not transferable. 

Value Added

The subscription content will typically include at a minimum two or three full-length “Web Classroom” courses available during a one-year period. Each course is valued at a retail price of $695.

Example Web Classroom courses:

  • Phase Noise and Jitter
  • EMC/EMI Shielding and Grounding for Chip and PCB Layout
  • GaN Power Amplifiers

Premium Tutorial Webinars

As part of your paid subscription, you will have access to our Premium Tutorial Webinars. The subscription model allows the instructors to present premium content without restrictions. Premium Tutorial Webinars are a product, not an advertisement.

Current Premium Tutorial Webinars include:

  • What Will 5G Be?
  • Satellite Communications
  • Introduction to Receivers
  • Power Amplifiers ABC’s
  • Digital Modulation

Upcoming Premium Tutorial Webinars (subject to change):

  • Error Detection and Correction
  • Adaptive Filters and GSO
  • AGC using Control Theory
  • Probability for Digital Communications
  • Spread Spectrum and Anti-jam
  • Direction Finding using 3-Dimensional Interferometers
  • Global Positioning System GPS

Blogs and Short Videos

Hear the latest from our experts in the field. What they’re working on, their perspectives on developing techniques and technologies via the subscription blog. Available exclusively to RF Mentor Academy paid subscribers.

Two Ways to Sign Up

Subscriptions cost US$995.00 for a one-year (365 day) term. Sign up in either of two ways:

1.) Purchase your subscription right here on the Besser Associates website (follow the "Register Now" link). We will setup your RFMentor account and Academy subscription within 1 business day.

2.) Setup your account on the RFMentor.com website yourself. Once you are logged in, purchase the subscription at RFMentor Academy. When your purchase is complete, your subscription will be automatically activated.

Courses and tutorials available in the RF Mentor Academy Subscription program.

Digital Modulation Webinar

Learn the basics of digital modulation from instructor Scott Bullock in this one-hour webinar.

EMC/EMI Shielding/Grounding for Chip and PCB Layout

Five 90-minute sessions. This seminar discusses techniques for identifying the sources of unwanted coupling and radiation, and systematic approaches for their minimization. This course is available as part of the RF Mentor Academy subscription.
Besser Web Classroom

GaN Power Amplifiers

Available starting April 2, 2019. Three two-hour sessions. 

Introduction to RF/Wireless Receivers

Besser Associates instructor Scott Bullock presents a tutorial webcast on Introduction to Receivers.
Topics covered in the webinar include:
  • Parts of the Receiver
  • Image Frequency
  • LNA's
  • Mixer Spur Analysis
  • High/Low Level Mixers and Intermodulation
  • Phase Noise
  • Filters/Group Delay
  • Dynamic Range
  • AGC
  • Minimum Discernible Signal
  • Tangential Sensitivity

Phase Noise and Jitter

Three two-hour sessions. Timing-related problems associated with signal sources are one of the major bottlenecks in designing today’s highly complex systems. Over many decades, jitter has been extensively studied and utilized to characterize timing inaccuracies in both digital and analog systems. Conversely, phase noise has been exclusively used in RF systems to represent frequency or phase inaccuracy. For both timing and frequency sensitive systems, phase noise measurement is emerging to be the most accurate method of characterizing all types of signal sources (RF, analog or digital).

Power Amp ABC's Webinar

One-hour webinar. Instructor Allen Podell gives a brief overview of the basics of RF power amplifier design.

RF/Wireless Small Signal Amplifiers

Instructor Bob Froelich presents a one-hour tutorial webcast on Small Signal Amplifiers.
This presentation includes the following topics:
  • Small-Signal Applications
  • Small-Signal Performance Metrics
  • Gain
  • Noise Figure
  • Distortion
  • Power Consumption
  • DC Bias

Includes prototype online self study guide

Satellite Communications

This one-hour webinar provides an overview and introduction to the unique issues related to space-terrestrial comms links.
Topics include:
  • General Satellite Operation
  • Satellite two-way communications
  • Modulation
  • Types of Satellite Orbits
  • Ground Station Antennas and Feeds
  • G/T, Equivalent Temperature, Link Budget
  • Multiple Access, Cost
  • Types of Satellites used for Communications
  • Future Predictions and Upgrades, TDRS

What Will 5G Be?

This webinar will provide an overview of areas 5G will address.  We will begin with a discussion on the shortcomings of present day cellular systems to highlight the items needing to be addressed in 5G.  Provide the overall 5G goals and pillar use cases as defined by ITU.  Several deployment options will be provided and summary of the 3GPP scenarios provided.