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Subscription Updates: Phase Noise, Jammers

Subscription Updates: Phase Noise, Jammers

May 2022

Phase Noise and Jitter, presented by Waleed Khalil, is now available as three two-hour sessions in the RF Mentor Academy Subscription program. This short course covers the fundamentals of phase noise and jitter, which ultimately set the limit to PLL performance in applications such as frequency synthesis, serial data communication and clock/data recovery. Simple techniques to model phase noise at the circuit component-level and relate it to the overall phase noise and jitter performance of PLLs are presented. The course will also provide a detailed analysis of the different phase noise measurement techniques along with in-depth noise floor analysis. The focus throughout this course will be on providing practical measures utilizing numerous real life examples.

Also new this month: Jammers, Part 1 - a tutorial on basic electronic warfare principles. Part of Scott Bullock's Electronic Warfare Tutorial series exclusively on the subscription program.

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