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5G: Webcast Online Now/Course in San Diego May 8-10

5G: Webcast Online Now/Course in San Diego May 8-10

Apr 2017

Instructor Joe Boccuzzi will present his 5G Wireless Networks course this May 8-10 in San Diego, CA.

This three day course provides comprehensive information on the 5G wireless network with a focus on physical layer and air interface technologies. The course starts with a review of cellular standards evolution and the shortcomings that 5G addresses. Next we move on to describe the modulation waveforms and also look at the issues that are introduced by working with higher GHz frequency bands. Further topics include Massive MIMO, network architecture, 5G system features, and evolutionary services.

Dr. Boccuzzi has also given a free webcast which provides an overview of areas 5G will address. It begins with a discussion on the shortcomings of present day cellular systems to highlight the items needing to be addressed in 5G and provides the overall 5G goals and pillar use cases as defined by ITU. Several deployment options are provided along with a summary of the 3GPP scenarios. Key system parameters are discussed and the impact of 5G to a Cloud-RAN network architecture is highlighted.

Watch Joe Boccuzzi's webcast below to get an idea of the topics that are relevant to the evolution to 5G networks, then register or save your seat for the course to get all of the important details!