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RF/Wireless E-Learning Opportunities

Besser Associates offers online courses in the following formats:

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e-Learning Live Events

Live, online training with an instructor allows question and answer sessions to occur in a way that is similar to a physical classroom session. Learning material is divided into 2 - 4 hour sessions that occur "synchronously" with everyone participating at the same time (see individual course descriptions for session timing details). This format also works well for corporate teams in private sessions - see our Corporate Training offerings.

When you enroll in an e-Learning Live Event, you will receive an invitation to an online meeting (such as Webex or Microsoft Teams) shortly before the first session of the event. Your system must be able to join the event using the hosting platform in order to participate in the trainings. Note: some corporate network policies may block access to particular meeting platforms. Please verify that you can enable access prior to the start of the sessions to ensure you will be able to participate.

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On Demand: Recorded Sessions Available at Your Convenience

In order to accommodate on-demand eLearning that meets individual student's needs, Besser Associates has established an "online academy," which allows students to log in and access online course material, ask questions and keep track of their progress through each course. The following types of materials are available:

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RF Certifications - Scheduled Sessions

Our RF Certifications are available in an online format. These programs are offered during "scheduled access" periods, which allow you to coordinate your career development goals with existing projects and other job objectives.

Scheduled online RF Certifications offer a fixed schedule for completing your training goals either individually or as a group, while still offering on-demand access to the course materials during the access period. These courses utilize via our "online academy," which allows students to log in and access online course material, ask questions and keep track of their progress through each course.

Examples include:

RF Mentor Academy Subscription

Subscription: Extra Value and Updated Content

New from Besser Associates - RF Mentor Academy Subscriptions!

Get access to full-length "on-demand" course recordings, premium tutorial webinars, and more exclusive content from our industry experts for a one-year term. Find out more...

Upcoming E-Learning

Track Your Team's Learning Online

If you have a group of five or more employees who need training in the same online course, we can set up a dedicated class for you, at a time that you choose. As a supervisor/manager you can even log in and see your employee's progress in each course! Purchase multiple seats and enroll your employees yourself as you see fit - or we can do it for you!

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Are you taking an online class and need to log in?

For live online events, check your email for an invitation to the online meeting. Please be sure to check your spam folder in case the message was filtered by your system.

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