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EW Jammers/ALC Tutorial Series in Subscription

EW Jammers/ALC Tutorial Series in Subscription

Oct 2021

Instructor Scott Bullock has prepared a premium tutorial  on Automatic Gain Control, Burst or Pulse Jammer Improvement, and Reduce Results  as part of a new Electronic Warfare Tutorial Series. This new premium tutorial is now available for all RF Mentor Academy Subscribers. Mr. Bullock worked in research and development for most of his career developing a radar simulator, a spread spectrum microscan receiver, a new spread spectrum receiver where he applied for a patent and was awarded company funds as a new idea project to develop the concept.

Mr. Bullock also developed a spread spectrum environment simulator for a spread spectrum wideband countermeasures receiver using BPSK, QPSK, SQPSK, MSK, frequency hopper, hybrids, AM, FM, voice generator, jammers, and noise. He also designed a high-frequency adaptive filter used to reduce narrowband jammers in a wideband signal; a broadband, highly accurate frequency hop detector; an instantaneous Fourier transform (IFT) receiver; a chopper modulated receiver; a KU-band radio design for burst spread spectrum communications through a troposcatter channel; a Gram-Schmidt orthogonalizer to reduce jammers; an advanced tactical data link; RF analysis of an optical receiver study; a portable wideband communications detector; and an acoustic-optic spectrum analyzer photodiode array controller.

Tutorial topics include:

  • AGC Principles
    • Designs
      • Feedback
      • Control System
      • Loop filter, Threshold level, Integrator
      • Control Theory
    • AGC Responses
    • Error analysis
    • Bode Plots/Stability
  • AGC Jamming: Burst/Pulse
    • Capturing the AGC
    • Reducing Burst Jammers

Be sure to check out Scott Bullock's Introduction to Radar full course, which is also currently included with your subscription!