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Courses Become Available On-Demand

Aug 2015

Web Classroom Computer

This November will mark the tenth anniversary of Besser Associates "Web Classroom," where we have offered selected topics in a live online (webinar) format. Now, we have made these course recordings available beyond their original event dates, so you can attend the class even if you missed the original scheduled meetings. You can still ask questions about the course via email and get a response from the instructor. Your access to the course is hosted on RFMentor, our learning management system that tracks individual students enrollments and course progress.

Besser Associates also offers courses that are designed to be taken in a self-paced format. Currently we have two programs in this category. RF and Wireless Made Simple teaches the basic principles of the RF and Wireless industry in "layman's" terms, so that non-technical professionals can work productively with their customers and fellow employees. The RF Technology Certification program is targeted for Technicians and non-design Engineers and delivers all of the specialized knowledge needed to work with wireless products.

A third, new option coming soon is a video recording of the instructor's presentation in a classroom course. Students who register for the upcoming RF Fundamentals & Wireless System Techniques course in San Jose, CA this September 10-11 will have access to the entire recording approximately one week after the live class has concluded.