Fundamental RF Techniques

These programs provide anyone working in the RF industry with the opportunity to efficiently increase their understanding of RF terminology, components, and systems.

RF Measurements:Principles & Demonstration (135)

The comprehensive review of fundamental RF tools, components, and measurement techniques makes this an ideal course to gain an understanding of how wireless systems work.

RF Technology Certification - Online (009)

This updated three-day course provides a complete understanding of RF fundamentals, RF devices and RF testing. Participants will learn the significance of all RF terminology — dB, return loss, SWR, S parameters. Participants will learn to design microstrip boards and match devices with the Smith chart. The function and operating priciples of all RF devices, test procedures, and test equipment are detailed.
 Sep 16-Mar 14, 2025:  RF Certifications Online, Besser Associates Online Academy: Presented by: Rex Frobenius

Introduction to RF Impedance Matching Using Analytical Techniques (229)

A 90-minute introduction to the art of impedance matching.

RF and Wireless Passport/A la Carte (178)

This special list of topics can be arranged into a two to five day course depending on your organization's needs. Available as an on-site course only.

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