Modulation Techniques

Discussion of Modulation Techniques

5G Radio Systems and Wireless Networks (265)

This three day course provides comprehensive information on the 5G wireless network with a focus on physical layer and air interface technologies. The course starts with a review of cellular standards evolution and the shortcomings that 5G addresses. Next we move on to describe the modulation waveforms and also look at the issues that are introduced by working with higher GHz frequency bands. Further topics include Massive MIMO, network architecture, 5G system features, and evolutionary services.

Applied RF Engineering II - Wireless Digital Signals (271)

This new online course is the next step in our popular Applied RF Engineering online series. Based on feedback from our corporate customers, this course covers topics related to signals, modulation, propagation, and antennas. As an added bonus, students are encouraged to work on signal processing labs using Octave/Matlab to create and explore modulation waveforms. Coming soon - check back often or send us a message for more information!
 Feb 13-Jul 14, 2023:  RF Certifications Online, Besser Associates Online Academy: Presented by: Rex Frobenius
 Jul 17-Dec 15, 2023:  RF Certifications Online, Besser Associates Online Academy: Presented by: Rex Frobenius

Radio Systems: RF Transceiver Design from Antenna to Bits and Back (241)

This course on RF transceiver issues spends a full day covering digital modulation principles. Please see the outline for day four of the course.

Applied Design of RF/Wireless Products and Systems (161)

This three-day course focuses on digital modulation in a practical context. RF designs for cellular phones, wireless LANs, and other cordless products have a difficult journey from concept to mass production. Not only are specialist skills required to architect these systems, and to invent suitable circuit topologies, but also to solve the integration and manufacturability issues of a high volume product. This course teaches the practicalities of turning a prototype circuit into a design suitable for production.

RF Productivity: Signals and Propagation (255)

This online course covers the basics of analog and digital modulation formats.
 :  On Demand, Besser Associates Online Academy: Presented by: Rex Frobenius

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