These courses provide participants with theories, examples, and practical techniques for accurately modeling RF circuit components with modern CAE tools.

RF Power Amplifier Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) & Behavioral Modeling (212)

This course takes a "system-level" approach to the linearization and behavioural modeling of RF Power Amplifiers. Special emphasis is given to a detailed treatment of PA modeling, both as a means of allowing more meaningful system level simulations, and also as a necessary starting point to the development of advanced predistortion algorithms for PA linearization.

The course is dealing with system level issues in the specification and performance impact of RF power amplifiers in wireless, satcom, and microwave applications. It features in-depth treatment of behavioural modeling of PA non-linear effects. The main focus is to understand, characterize and model the non-linear behaviour of RFPAs, and to demonstrate the evolution of these models into successful predistortion algorithms. Particular emphasis will be given to the treatment of memory effects.

RF Fundamentals, Modeling and De-Embedding Techniques (186)

This course covers basic device models for passive devices such as resistors, inductors and capacitors.

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