RF Certifications

Demonstrate your understanding of key RF job-related skills by completing our RF Certification programs!

RF Technology Certification

Join the hundreds of RF professionals who have completed our RF Technology Certification program!

Based on our popular RF Measurements classroomcourse (#135), this program has been completely re-fatored into an online program in four parts. Thanks to the online format, we are able to offer more comprehensive coverage in each of the four key areas: analytical tools, modulation and signal formats, test instrumentation, and system components.

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Applied RF Engineering Certification

This program will provide you with the essential skills to tackle RF and Wireless design and integration projects effectively. The online format of the course work allows you to learn the material wherever you are and whenever you like within the course period. The requirements for certification include completion of three core courses along with an elective course. Each core course includes a 25 question multiple choice test that must be passed with an 80% score.

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