New to RF: Circuits, Systems, Measurements, Terminology

Many engineers find themselves working in RF and Wireless for the first time. The core design and troubleshooting skills that you need to master are covered in the subjects listed below, with several program options to cover the depth of knowledge you wish to attain.

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Wireless Technology "Made Simple"

These seminars provide nontechnical professionals with a firm grounding in the language and meaning of technical RF and wireless concepts. They also convey a conceptual understanding of the operation of various wireless systems. All explanations use simple physical descriptions without complex mathematics.

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New to RF: Circuit Design

Gain the knowledge of key analytical tools for high frequency design, such as S-parameters and the Smith Chart. Learn the design considerations for components are used in RF & wireless systems (LNA's, PA's, mixers, etc.) as well as their performance parameters and limitations.

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New to RF: Measurements

This topic explains essential RF measurements that must be made on modern wireless communications equipment.

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New to RF: System Design

System design involves knowing how the specifications of individual components adds up to deliver the desired performance (i.e. range and battery life) of your end product. A knowledge of signal formats and methods for encoding information onto RF waveforms is also essential.

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