EMI/EMC Online Course Bundle

Course 290

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Don't let EMI/EMC problems frustrate you any longer! Our new online course bundle offers two comprehensive courses on EMI/EMC troubleshooting and design - at an amazing price. Sign up now, this bundle will be available for a limited time! This bundle includes (follow links for details on each course):

Learning objectives

Upon completing the course you will be able to:

  • analyze a system with problems looking for culprit-coupling mechanism and victims
  • use EMI diagnostic and troubleshooting techniques to locate and fix EMI/EMC problems in equipment already finished
  • reduce time and cost of EMI/SI diagnostic and fixes
  • understand the basics and fundamentals of EMI/EMC issues,
  • design electronic equipment to avoid common EMI/EMC failures,
  • look at the high frequency fundamentals of EMI, modelling the problems to be able to propose solutions,
  • use lab measurements and tools to find or fix typical EMI/EMC problems,
  • reduce time and cost of EMI/EMC diagnosis and repair.