5G, mm-Wave Antennas: Phased Arrays, Propagation, Integration and Test

Course 268

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This two-day course provides participants with coverage of wireless system antenna element, phased array, link budget, propagation, integration and test topics associated with millimeter Wave (mm-Wave) and 5G applications. The course provides an understanding of antenna property definitions, antenna fundamentals and considerations, antenna types and mm-Wave propagation. The course provides information on how antenna properties and propagation characteristics affect communication systems. Topics also covered include how to test and measure mm-Wave antenna performance and information on phased arrays, beam steering, and shaping concepts.

Learning objectives

Upon completing the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the concepts associated with antenna performance, operation and classification.
  • Describe and understand mm-Wave antenna types.
  • Implement antenna arrays using basic principles.
  • Account for antenna performance and the mm-Wave propagation environment when predicting communication system performance.
  • Measure and test mm-Wave antenna performance.

Target Audience

The course is well suited for those who require an understanding of antenna principles and concepts related to mm-Wave applications. Basic mathematical and computing skills are a prerequisite for this course. An electrical engineering background or equivalent practical experience is recommended but not required.


Day One

Basic RF Concepts
 • Basic design and performance requirements of a wireless communication system
Basic Antenna Concepts
 • Definitions of basic antenna properties - impedance, VSWR, bandwidth, directivity, gain, radiation patterns, polarization, etc.
Fundamental Antenna Elements
 • The Monopole • The Dipole • The Loop • The Slot • Microstrip Antennas
 • Basic Concepts • Size versus Frequency • Common Waveguides • Connection Tips
Aperture Antennas
 • Aperture design concepts • The horn antenna • The reflector antenna
Phased Arrays
 • Fundamental array theory • Types of antenna arrays • Feed network design considerations • Beam steering and shaping concepts • Performance trade-offs • Phased Array sizing

Day Two

mm-Wave Propagation
 • Friis Equation • The communication link • Understanding and calculating path loss • Receiver Sensitivity and antenna noise figure • Link budget calculations • Atmospheric Loss • Rain Attenuation • Sky Noise • Other Topics
Common mm-Wave Antennas
 • Overview of Common mm-Wave Antennas
Special Considerations for 5G mm-Wave versus 4G/5G LTE
 • Propagation • Antenna differences • Base station difference • Implementation differences in handheld devices • System operation
mm-Wave Antenna Testing
 • Antenna Ranges • Far-field Testing • Near-Field Testing • How to test and measure antenna performance