RF and Microwave Transistors/Semiconductor Materials

Course 233

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This introductory tutorial develops a picture of how electrons behave in semiconductor materials and applies it to functional descriptions of the basic semiconductor devices: the P-N junction, heterojunction, the bipolar transistor and the FET. The effects of material properties will also be discussed.

The course is typically a live two hour online event but the recording can be made available on demand and online to support students requiring a more convenient viewing time. For on demand students, simply register online or by contacting the office and you will receive the login details for 30 day access to the recording. Please feel free to contact us by email if you need more information - info@besserassociates.com.

This course is intended for registered individual students only. Please contact us for group rates at info@besserassociates.com or 650-949-3300. Recording, copying, or re-transmission of classroom material is prohibited.

Learning objectives

Upon completing the course you will be able to:

  • Explain the basics of semiconductor materials and structures

Target Audience

Engineers and Managers who can benefit from an introduction to the semiconductor devices they use in design and/or manufacture of RF/microwave products.


Tutorial Topics
 • FET and BJT structures • Electrons and holes in semiconductors • Junctions • Transistor operation • Using heterojunctions for higher performance • Effects of material properties