RF and Wireless Passport/A la Carte

Course 178

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Learn individual topics from three of our all-time most popular RF/Wireless courses at your own pace - via the RF Mentor Academy subscription from Besser Associates.

Topics have been organized into groups using a "Passport" format, allowing you to complete segments of courses "a la carte" and track your completion progress.

View lectures by instructor Rick Fornes and answer some basic review questions to "stamp" your passport towards completing the courses. Earn a certificate of completion for a course when all topic groups for that course are completed.

Some topic groups appear in multiple courses - earn progress for multiple courses at once! Complete all courses and receive an "RF/Wireless Passport - World of Wireless" certificate.

Topic groups rotate through the subscription program approximately every eight months. Take as long as your like - complete up to two courses in one year, or all three courses in two years. Check the RF Mentor Academy subscription catalog to see which topic groups are currently available.

Learning objectives

Upon completing the course you will be able to:

  • understand all topics from course 112 RF Wireless Circuits, Systems and Test Fundamentals
  • understand all topics from course 267 5G Smartphone Architecture
  • understand all topics from course 042 RF and High Speed Digital PCB Design Fundamentals

Target Audience

Professionals required to work in high frequency domains for the first time, as well as seasoned veterans, will benefit from this comprehensive overview of practical design techniques. An electrical engineering background (BSEE or equivalent practical experience) is recommended.


Topic Group A

Applies to Courses 112 and 042
 • Wavelength dB complex numbers • Transmission lines • S-parameters

Topic Group B

Applies to Course 112
 • Smith Chart • Matching

Topic Group C

Applies to Courses 112 & 267
 • Why digital? • Receiver architecture system design criteria • Transceiver architectures and integration techniques • Smart phone architectures • LNA design • RFPA techniques • the bigger picture RF wireless sytems

Topic Group D

Applies to Course 267
 • Modulation performance paramters • Mixer topologies • Data communications presentation OFDM • Cell phone size • High Efficiency WLAN • RF power amplifier system requirements

Topic Group E

Applies to Course 042
 • Complex impedance system • Component models • TL ground parasitics, vias • vias layers loops

Topic Group F

Applies to Course 042
 • Crosstalk