EM Shielding/EMC Engineering

These courses help engineers meet today's strict EMC regulations, as well as improve the performance of their products by reducinging system noise by proper shielding.

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) (264)

EMI/EMC and Signal Integrity Boot Camp (249)

This special five day workshop covers the methodology of designing and/or troubleshooting an electronic product to minimize the possibility of electromagnetic interference (EMI), signal integrity (SI) and/or Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) problems.
 Oct 22-Oct 26, 2018:  San Jose, CA: Presented by: Arturo Mediano

EMI/EMC Troubleshooting: Principles and Demonstrations (266)

This three day course covers the fundamentals for troubleshooting an electronic design with electromagnetic interferences (EMI), or Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) problems. Troubleshooting or debugging EMI problems is usually frustrating especially when a trial and error strategy is used. Discover how to localize, characterize, and solve emissions and immunity EMI problems in a very understandable and entertained style.

The course presents how an electronic system can generate and/or receive EMI resulting in a failure to meet EMC regulations. A practical approach with many real world examples, techniques, simulations and hardware tools for EMI/EMC troubleshooting will be explained with an emphasis to minimize costs, production and marketing delays by considering key factors and techniques in the design phase or to evaluate solutions for the production stage.

No prior EMI/SI knowledge is needed but an electrical engineering background (BSEE or equivalent experience) is recommended.

The course includes real examples and demonstrations of problems with reference to narrowband and broadband signals in digital and analog circuits, audio problems, power supplies, etc.

EMI/EMC Design and Troubleshooting (230)

This course covers the methodology of designing an electronic product to minimize the possibility of having problems of electromagnetic interference (EMI) or Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). Useful techniques for troubleshooting an EMI/EMC problem are presented to help with products where problems exist.

RF and High Speed PCB and EMI Design Fundamentals (042)

This two-day course enables practicing engineers and CAD technicians to develop design rules for RF and high-speed designs, choose an optimal design tool, and organize the design process to most efficiently execute the design that will insure circuit performance, and minimize costs and production time.
 :  On Demand, RF Mentor e-Learning: Presented by: Rick Fornes

Applied Design of RF/Wireless Products and Systems (161)

This course discusses the problem of designing a product that uses digital modulation from start to finish. Shielding and board layout are discussed on the last day. Please see the course outline for more details.