RF/Wireless E-Learning Opportunities

Besser Associates offers online courses in the following formats:

Live Web-Conference Sessions: Besser Associates Web Classroom

Web-Classroom courses are specially designed to be presented via live web-conference sessions. Typically, about eight hours of material is divided into several 90-minute or two-hour sessions. The live format allows interactive questions and answers as the instructor presents the material. The instructor can also share simulations and other software from their computer to the student's screens. The sessions are recorded and become available on-demand for a limited time after the presentation has ended.

On Demand: Recorded Sessions Available at Your Convenience

In order to accommodate on-demand eLearning that meets individual student's needs, Besser Associates has established a "learning management system," which allows students to log in and access online course material, ask questions and keep track of their progress through each course. The following types of materials are available:

Available E-Learning Courses