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Applied RF Engineering Certification One-Year Bundle

Course 295

  -  On Demand, Besser Associates Online Academy / Rex Frobenius


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Get one-year access to the Applied RF Engineering Certification program (Courses 270, 271, 272) along with a one-year subscription to RF Mentor Academy for a special discounted price. This bundle will give you the opportunity to complete the certification requirements at your own pace and convenience over the course of one year, as well as enjoy unlimited access to hours of high-quality courses on various topics related to RF and wireless design and integration - including our RF/Wireless Passport™ program.

The Applied RF Engineering Certification program consists of three core courses and one elective course that cover the essential skills and knowledge you need to tackle RF and wireless projects effectively. You will learn how to understand the behavior of common components at high frequencies, avoid basic layout problems, evaluate wireless standards, identify the role and limitations of each functional block in the transceiver chain, and much more. Each course includes a 25 question multiple choice test that you must pass with an 80% score to earn the certification.

The one-year RF Mentor Academy subscription will allow you to explore a wide range of topics and technologies that are relevant to your field and interests - as well as completing the required elective course as part of the Applied RF Engineering Certification. You will have access to courses on antennas, filters, amplifiers, mixers, modulators, demodulators, oscillators, PLLs, synthesizers, RFICs, MMICs, MEMS, and more. You will also be able to learn from some of the best instructors in the industry, who have decades of experience and expertise in RF and wireless engineering. Content in the subscription changes over time, so check the current listings for course availability.

This bundle is a great way to invest in your career and future. You will not only gain a valuable credential that will demonstrate your competence and professionalism, but also enhance your knowledge and skills that will help you succeed in your projects and challenges. Don’t miss this chance to take your RF engineering career to the next level!

Bundle Benefits: Simplify Your Budgeting and Scheduling!

  • Single purchase for all certification requirements
  • One year concurrent access to all courses and subscription-based electives
  • Complete your Certification at your own pace during the one-year access period
  • Discounted price - a great value! Save ~$500


Certification Courses

 • These courses form the core of the Applied RF Engineering Certification. • With this bundle you get one year access to all three courses concurrently.
Applied RF Engineering 1 (Course 270)
 • Understand the behavior of common components at high frequencies • Create matching networks using analytical techniques • Work with transmission lines • Avoid basic layout problems related to vias and ground inductance
Applied RF Engineering 2 (Course 271)
 • work with DSP tools to create basic waveforms • view relationships between time and frequency domains • interpret the basic relationship between frequency and path loss • identify basic antenna performance metrics • interpret modulations: AM, FM, QPSK, QAM • work with CDMA, OFDM • evaluate wireless standards based on common signal building blocks
Applied RF Engineering 3 (Course 272)
 • Understand key factors that limit system performance • Identify the role and limitations of each functional block in the transceiver chain • Identify sources of unwanted signals that can desensitize receivers

Elective Requirement - RF Mentor Academy 1 Year Subscription (included)

 • Access to the subscription allows you to complete the certification elective requirement • Subscription is concurrent with Applied RF Engineering course access • Supplement your learning with perspectives from other instructors!
RF/Wireless Passport Program
 • Complete any one of the three possible courses offered to fulfill elective requirement • Course content rotates approximately every eight months during subscription
Introduction to Radar
 • This elective course is currently included with subscription • Subscription content is subject to change. Check the current subscription catalog for latest information.