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RF Productivity: Test Equipment

Course 256

  -  On Demand, Besser Associates Online Academy / Rex Frobenius


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This course has been designed for applications, production, manufacturing engineers and technicians as well as other professionals who need to have a solid background in the fundamentals of working with RF and wireless products. This course is part three of a four part program that provides a thorough understanding of RF analytical tools, communications signals, RF devices and test instruments. Specialized test and measurement equipment for RF and wireless such as spectrum and network analyzers are described. This course is equivalent to 10 hours of classroom training.

The course consists of pre-recorded lectures followed by online exercise workbooks. Q&A forums are also available. Students have two months to complete the material.

This course is intended for registered individual students only. Please contact us for group rates at or 650-949-3300. Recording, copying, or re-transmission of classroom material is prohibited.

Learning objectives

Upon completing the course you will be able to:

  • describe the basic function of spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers, and power meters
  • know the limitations on accuracy/uncertainty that affect all RF and high frequency measurements

Target Audience

Prerequisite: RF Productivity: Analytical Tools, Signals and Propagation courses or equivalent experience is assumed prior to taking this course.

This program is ideally suited for applications, manufacturing and production engineers or technicians who are new to the RF/wireless field. It is also suitable for those who have been working in the field but who have not had a formal introduction to the key concepts that form the basis of understanding and troubleshooting wireless systems.


Part 3 - Test Equipment

Cables and Connectors
 • cable and connector care • connector types
Vector Network Analyzer
 • directional couplers • basic block diagram • calibration • basic measurement setup
Spectrum Analyzer
 • time domain vs. frequency domain • basic block diagram • typical measurements
Signal Generator
 • basic block diagram
Power Meters
 • power detection
Noise Figure Meter
Vector Signal Analyzer
 • basic introduction
Measurement Uncertainties
 • mismatch uncertainty • systematic errors in VNA measurements • VNA calibration • instrument-generated distortion products
Measurements of Non-connectorized devices
 • de-embedding • alternate calibration types: TRL • fixturing