Course 273

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This course provides information on Radio Frequency Microelectromechanical Systems (RF MEMS) devices. Classic RF MEMS devices are discussed along with reconfigurable RF systems, integrated antennas, mmWave antenna arrays, 3D Transmission lines and antennas. It also includes information on fabrication techniques and device simulation.


Day One

Overview of MEMS

•Overview of RF MEMS • History of MEMS • A few commercial examples • Miniaturization: law of scaling• MEMS vs. IC fabrication processes

Basic Principles

Structural mechanics • Elasticity • Mechanical properties of silicon • Dynamic response • Beam theory

Sensors and Actuators

• Cantilevers • Doubly clamped beams • comb-drive actuators • Lumped modeling • Examples of MEMS Sensors and Actuators • Auction mechanism (electrostatic, thermal, piezo, magnetic) •Case studies • Inertial • Optical •RF • Acoustic • Power

Day Two

MEMS Fabrication Techniques

Photolithography • Bulk micromachining • Isotropic etch • Anisotropic Etch • Surface micromachining • Deep reactive ion etching • Silicon on Insulator • Planarization • Multi-layer processing• LIGA • Wafer level bonding • Through silicon via

RF MEMS Simulation Tools

•Multiphysics modeling • RF simulation tools

MEMS Resources

•Workshops • Conferences • Journals • Books • Key papers

Day Three

Classical RF MEMS Devices

Resonators • Silicon clock • RF Ohmic switches • Switched capacitor banks • Filters • Variable capacitors • Phase Shifters • Packaging • Challenges /Shortcomings • Phased arrays

Beyond Switches and Resonators

Reconfigurable RF systems • Antenna tuning • mmW antenna arrays • Passive/Active arrays • Optical antennas • Micro/nano bolometers • Integrated antennas • 3D Transmission lines and antennas